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Mental Health Counseling

  1. ANXIETY NEUROSIS: Anxiety, fear, palpitations, over sweating, shaking hands and legs, dryness of mouth frequent urination, breathlessness, weakness.

  2. PANIC DISORDER: Chest pain, swallow of breath or breathlessness, feelings like heart attack, severe fear, anxiety, fear of death (Cardiac Neurosis).

  3. PHOBIC DISORDERS: Fear about everything (Simple Phobia), Fear of going outsides (Social Phobia), Fear of public, crowded and open places (Agoraphobia).

  4. OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER: Repeated and re-repeated thoughts and actions like washing hands, checking locks, kitchen gas etc...

  5. HYPOCHONDRIASIS: Fear of belief of having a serious disease without any disease. Repeatedly consulting and changing doctors is common.

  6. NEUROTIC DEPRESSION: Sorrowful thoughts, disinterested in doing work, hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, suicidal tendency.

  7. NEURAESTHENIA: Nervous weakness, extreme weakness, fatigue, not able to do work, lethargy.

  8. STRESS RELATED DISORDERS: Various disorders related to work stress, emotional stress, etc... 

  9. ALCOHOLIC DEPENDENCY: Addicted to alcohol.

  10. OTHER ADDICTIONS: Addicted to Cigarettes, Pan Parag, Gutkha, Khaini, Ganja, etc.

  11. OVEREATING: Overeating or Drinking Beverages and become Obese.

  12. ANOREXIA NERVOSA: Intense fear of becoming Obese, Not able to eat, Vomitings, Becoming thin.

  13. Digital Technology De-Addiction 

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