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My Approach

About Four Decades of Hypno- Psychology Journey


Over the past 40 years (1983-2023), I have used Self-Hypnotism and Hypno Therapy to help more than 10,00,000 persons directly and indirectly with my audio CDs and books. Lacs of people make changes in their lives. I combine Hypnosis with Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive therapy(CBT) for better results. I got good repetition because of the greater success of the therapeutic structure.

Chronic problems need multidimensional (or) Integrated therapy(IT). Self-hypnosis and mental exercise sessions; can help to maintain Psyche-Soma (Mind & Body) harmony and alleviates problems like fears, phobias, anxiety, reactive depression, insomnia, stress, tensions, smoking, drinking, memory loss, poor concentration, etc. I have marveled at the success of Hypnotism in dealing with Migraine headache, Tension headache, Irritable bowel syndrome, Allergies and Allergic Asthma. I have a lot of experience and the flow of clients with sexual problems. Hypnosis worked well for them.

My career started with students, who are suffering from study problems, like loss of memory, concentration, and confidence. Besides students, occasionally smokers came to quit smoking. Lacs of people were benefited from our hypnotherapy center, including hundreds of doctors, specialists, professors, industrialists, engineers, political leaders, judiciary officers, writers, scientists, and so many other great people. Start with Pessimism and end with Optimism.

I am your friendly and affectionate Counselor and Trainer



(Psychologist, Hypno-Psychotherapist & HRD Consultant) , 

MSc(App Psychology),MSc(Counseling Psychology), MSc (Medical Sociology),MA(Child Care), MBA(HRD),MA(Personal Management), MA( Sociology), MA(Population Studies), BNat (Naturopathy and Yoga), BSc(Psychology),BA(Psychology),BCom, DY(Yoga),HDSE & More

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