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In the Hypno-Psychotherapy field, Mr. Krantikar is the most famous therapist. He is the editor for Mee Psychology Telugu magazine and Associate editor for Abhisarika a popular Telugu Sex Psychology magazine. He got many awards for his service. He got gold medals and a Doctorate of medicine in the field of Alternative Medicines. He solved lakhs of people's problems through Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Yoga, NLP, Yoga Linguistic Programme (YLP), Acupressure Therapy, Magneto Therapy, Music Therapy and the like. He is a powerful motivator and trainer.


You may also solve your problems and get greater success, health, wealth, and wellbeing in your life through Krantikar's help.




  1. ANXIETY NEUROSIS: Anxiety, fear, palpitations, over sweating, shaking hands and legs, dryness of mouth frequent urination, breathlessness, weakness.

  2. PANIC DISORDER: Chest pain, swallow of breath or breathlessness, feelings like heart attack, severe fear, anxiety, fear of death (Cardiac Neurosis).

  3. PHOBIC DISORDERS: Fear about everything (Simple Phobia), Fear of going outsides (Social Phobia), Fear of public, crowded and open places (Agoraphobia).

  4. OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER: Repeated and re-repeated thoughts and actions like washing hands, checking locks, kitchen gas, etc...

  5. HYPOCHONDRIASIS: Fear of belief of having a serious disease without any disease. Repeatedly consulting and changing doctors is common.

  6. NEUROTIC DEPRESSION: Sorrowful thoughts, disinterested in doing work, hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, suicidal tendency.

  7. NEURAESTHENIA: Nervous weakness, extreme weakness, fatigue, not able to do work, lethargy.

  8. STRESS RELATED DISORDERS : Various disorders related to work stress, emotional stress etc...




Sometimes Physical problems may get through Psychological problems, these problems called as Psychosomatic disorders.

9.Bronchial Asthma16.Irritable bowel syndrome

10.Ulcerative colotis17.Peptic ulcer


12.Obesity19.Rheumatoid Arthritis

13.Premenstrual tensions20.Allergic disorders

14.Mouth ulcers21.Heart attacks

15.Diabetes22.Cancer etc...




  1. SEXUAL DYSFUNCTIONS: Premature ejaculation, Lack of interest in sex, Psychological impotence.

  2. Homosexuality and other sexual deviations like Voyeurism (observing genitals or sexual acts), Transvestism (cross-dressing).

  3. Masturbatory fear

  4. Marital problems




  1. FRIGIDITY: Lack of interest in Sex

  2. FUNCTIONAL VAGINISMUS AND DYSPAREUNIA: Pain or difficulty in sexual intercourse.

  3. POST-PARTUM DEPRESSION: Depression after delivery

  4. Pre and Post Menstrual problems




  1. DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS: Not able to read (Dyslexia), Language Learning problem (Dysplasia), Arthimatic Learning problem (Dyscalculia).

  2. ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVE DISORDER: Fails to finish things, moving here and there, talks excessively, shifts from one uncompleted activity to other, Interference in others activity.

  3. CONDUCT DISORDER: Frequent lying, stealing, or running away from home and school, Cruelty towards other people and animals.

  4. ENURESIS: Bed Wetting.

  5. SPEECH DISORDERS: Stammering or Stuttering and other Speech related problems.




  1. ALCOHOLIC DEPENDENCY: Addicted to alcohol.

  2. OTHER ADDICTIONS: Addicted to Cigarettes, Pan Parag, Gutkha, Khaini, Ganja, etc.

  3. OVEREATING : Overeating or Drinking Beverages and become Obese.

  4. ANOREXIA NERVOSA : Intense fear of becoming Obese, Not able to eat, Vomitings, Becoming thin.

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